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Why HSI?

Hyperspectral imaging combines visual information with the spectra of the reflected or transmitted light in each image point (pixel). Information can thus go beyond the human visual spectrum to the ultra-violet (UV) or infra-red (IR) spectra, which can add information about the bio-chemical characteristics of the object through its spectral signature.


Below, you can see an example of the spectra of four different particles present in burger meat. Observe how the shape of the curves between the fat and cartilage differs, even though they are seemingly the same when viewed with the human eye. Using the hyperspectral imaging system, the automatic and reliable detection of cartilage particles is possible.

Areas of Application

The hyperspectral imaging technology can be utilized for a range of industrial and laboratory purposes.

Food quality and safety

  • detection of foreign objects (plastics, etc.)
  • meat freshness, added water
  • fruits and vegetables (bruises, rotting, ripeness, coloring, development of diseases, etc.)
  • food contamination (bacterial manifestations, etc.)
  • food fraud (adulterated oil, wheat, etc.)


  • surface contamination (oils, remains of detergents, etc.)
  • surface inclusions (oxides, etc.)
  • structure/defects of the object (composition of fibres, glues, etc.)
  • sorting of objects (fruit sorting, waste sorting, etc.)


  • substance characterization
  • detection of counterfeit substances
  • detection of contamination

Our Services

We offer a flexible services model which can provide an initial analysis of samples in our hyperspectral imaging laboratory, an additional feasibility study for a target application, and the design and implementation of a hyperspectral imaging system for production use at the client’s site.

  • 01.
    Sample Scanning

    Scanning services for the R&D phase of the project

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  • 02.
    Feasibility Study

    A feasibility study is the next (optional) step in the project.

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  • 03.
    Custom HSI Solution

    The design of an optimized production-ready HSI solution.

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Sample Scanning

Sample scanning is the first step in a hyperspectral imaging project. The scan obtains hyperspectral images of the sample objects which give an insight into the spectral properties of the objects, which are then used as input data for the next steps of the project.

Scanning is performed in our laboratory with industrial grade equipment. The samples must be characterized according to the type of scan reflection/transmission, wavelength range, desired spatial and spectral resolution.

Scanning Capabilities

  • supported sample dimensions: reflection: 500mm x 900mm, transmission: 50mm x 900mm
  • spectral range*:400-1000nm, 900-1700nm
  • spatial resolution (px in a line): 1024px (400-1000nm range), 640px (900-1700nm)
  • spectral resolution: 224 bands

Special Handling

  • objects requiring delicate handling
  • thermal instability
  • hazardous material
  • etc.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be signed on the client’s request.


  • image files
  • optional spectral data analysis


Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is the next (optional) step in the project. The client which provided the samples defines its goal for the recognition of certain types of objects or certain features of objects which would be required in order to implement their desired process.

The result of the feasibility study gives an estimate of the detection reliability level which can be achieved for the client’s goal, based on the sample data.

The analysis can be further elaborated based on the client’s utility function (preference for false positives / false negatives) and desired detection speed and resolution in the real environment.

The process of defining the scope of the feasibility study requires at least a short (online) workshop with experts from both sides, which is also a basis for the commercial proposal.


Design of a Custom Optimized HSI Solution

The design of a HSI solution which is custom optimized for the client’s process is based on the results of the feasibility study and sample data. The design is an iterative process which considers device design requirements, process design requirements and development budget limitations.

The result of this phase is a complete electro-optics setup design and computer software implementing recognition algorithms, history data storage and interfaces for integration into the client’s production environment. In cooperation with our partners, we can optionally deliver a completely automated object manipulation stage, in the form of a stand-alone machine in the client’s production line.

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